Slicing a 160 km/h Baseball with a katana
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Author:  SenseiSoriel [ Thu Oct 15, 2015 9:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Slicing a 160 km/h Baseball with a katana

Well, this would make a fine show idea (and I hope no one wanted to call first). So here's the story. A world famous modern samurai has sliced a baseball going at 160km/h while standing at 9.22 meters from the automatic pitcher. I actually saw the video from a news chanel here, in the province of Quebec, so expect the article to be in french. ... 93247.html

Said article links to a Belgian web page, where you can read the same informations.

But here's what seems fishy to me. Only a portion of the outer layer of the baseball was cut off. The center of a baseball is made of tightly packed materials, thus making the center of the ball dense.

Here's the questions:
1. Would the katana be able to slice the dense center of the ball?
2. Would the katana be undamaged after slicing the ball?
3. Is there any difference between the unsheat'n slice technique we see in the video and an unsheated before hand katana?

I leave this here in hope it sparks an interest within the community.

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